Luxury Adult Healing Spa: She has the perfect body

Drool-worthy Kanon Korobuki, dressed in a skimpy yukata, is ready to entertain customers at the popular "Iyashi Tei" (healing restaurant)! The male customers are excited to see the streamlined pie pans standing right in front of them from the very beginning! Kanon gently licks his growing cock and then greets him with a thick blowjob followed by an oral ejaculation! Kanon's pussy is stimulated with an electric horny pussy in return, and her body reacts by overflowing with love juices, and before you know it, she's taking off her yukata and shaking her hips all over you! Kanon's thick pussy is so thick that we envy her so much for being able to cum inside of it...!
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User Reviews

As usual in this series, the skimpy outfits are not the least bit erotic, but Kanon Korobuki's body is as erotic as ever. Her breasts are just as sexy as ever, and her flabby belly feels so nice to the touch when you squeeze it.

One of my favorite series. Kanon Korobuki's voluptuous body is so attractive… I especially want to grab her heavy looking boobs…

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