Luxury Adult Healing Spa: Riri Shiraki

Riri Shirakiri, with her short black bob and fair skin, will entertain you. The pretty proprietress with F-cup beautiful tits and peach buttocks welcomes you with no panties and a transparent lintel. Her thin pussy is transparent and very popular among the customers. The welcome sweets are also excellent with the immediate licking of the cock instead of the arrival sweets. The body of the proprietress lying on a zataku table is eaten with chopsticks as it is. Riri is soaked in sake and then comes with an electric horny pussy in the Japanese style room. In return, she gives her guests a blowjob, backstrap, and anal licking! Her beautiful tits sway and jiggle as she gets poked and prodded! She comes while moaning in a cute voice and finishes by cumming inside! She even gives you a blowjob to clean up! Please enjoy this erotic and cute dominatrix to the fullest.
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User Reviews

Riri Shirakiri is a pretty, fair-skinned girl with big, beautifully shaped boobs and a sexy ass that is hard to resist. This time, instead of taking a bath together, a perverted old man lays her on the table and plays with her as if he were enjoying a woman's body. That might be possible, but I think this series is more about getting down and dirty in the bathtub. The sex was very good, the kind of slow sex I like, but it's a pity they didn't take off the lintel until the end.

The "Otona no Iyashitei" featuring Riri Shirakiri, who has an erotic gap between her pale pink nipples and slightly darkened labia, changed the mood and played only in the room... No sashimi, but she poked her nipples, labia and clitoris with chopsticks as if enjoying an onnazomori, and enjoyed wakame sake, the original "Otona no Iyashitei". The service was great! It would have been best if you could have shown us the bathroom service as well...

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