Luxury Adult Healing Spa: Rina Kawamura

Rina Kawamura, a very popular girl with the strongest imbalance of a baby face and G-cup, will entertain you with sincerity! First, we will enjoy Rina's superb body in the bath. She loves sex! Her posture is so attractive that you can feel her "I love sex! After returning to her room, Rina gives me a quick blowjob, which is so thick I can't help but cum inside her cute mouth. After that, the fellatio and caresses continued, and finally, we were all snuggled up together on the futon! It was a very relaxing and healing sex while enjoying her G-cup big tits!
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User Reviews

Good style and big tits. Oddly popping nipples. I would like to see some more popping nipples and overflowing man juice.

Rina Kawamura is white, cute, and has a slightly chubby body with big boobs, and her relaxed atmosphere is perfect for this series. I think the slow and steady sex after the bath is one of the best works in this series.

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