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Enami Ryu, a beautiful MILF dressed in a kimono with her beautiful white breasts showing through, entertains the audience with her bewitching smile and rich and glamorous skills. After greeting her, she starts with a deep kiss and tongue action before letting the male customer talk. After she gives him a blowjob with a wonderful tongue, she takes him to the hinoki cypress bath. She is fascinated by her beautiful skin that bounces in the hot water and rubs it all over her beautiful breasts and pussy. She is stopped and told "Not here" and returns to the Japanese-style room to mangle her pussy. She plays with her exposed pussy and inserts her fingers into her twitching anus. The back of her pussy responded pleasantly. After she had blamed her pussy, she also inserted a finger into her anus. When a male customer says, "Just a little bit," she says, "No, I can't...uuuu..." But he was about to say, "No........ She moaned and begged him to let her cum all the way inside his ass. A skilled and beautiful MILF in all her glory! Please enjoy the intense healing time with beautiful MILF Enami Ryu, whose face is too beautiful even when she comes.
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User Reviews

The fact that Ryu is a reliable and stable performer, he even performs anal penetration, a rarity in this series, pushes up one of the erotic points. Six stars!

Ryu-san's first appearance in a while was at Iyashi-Tei, and like Yuna-san the other day, I had high hopes for her adult hospitality! But the title of the movie disappointed me a little. I'm not surprised that she has been a beautiful actress who can play any kind of role, and she is as beautiful as ever. She is wearing a transparent lintel but still wears red string pants and her secret part is not even dimly visible, so the lintel is meaningless. We finally got to see her in the bath, but it was too late! She went back to her room and again wore her string pants, which was a bit frustrating! She was gradually turned on by the finger fuck and finger anal, and ended up with anal sex and cum inside of her. After she pulls out her cock, there is not an obscene sound, but rather an empty feeling... She is young and always in the nude, but she is also a mature woman with a shadow of a mature woman around her belly! I don't like anal, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and leave my rating unchanged.

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