Luxury Adult Healing Spa : Mai Hazuki

Mai Hazuki is coming down to "Iyashi-Tei" to welcome you in the most exquisite and scantily clad yukatas! Any man would be smitten if he saw this heavenly beauty in such a state! She smiles and kisses you without saying a word! After she grabs your heart completely by hugging you from behind and giving you a top-class blowjob, she gets into the hinoki (Japanese cypress) bath and makes out with you, burying her face in you as if she is possessed by your body. After getting out of the bath, Mai-chan again gives a hearty blowjob to the customer in her favorite skimpy yukata, followed by her long-awaited Japanese-style Zube-kun penetration! She goes down on him with her hips, making naughty noises that echo around the room!
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User Reviews

Good face, nice body, good pussy. Good eroticism.

The gap between Mai Hazuki's lolita face, pigmented nipples, and used-up labia is irresistibly erotic. Her chubby lower stomach is also very erotic to me.

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