Luxury Adult Healing Spa: Mai Amao

The fair-skinned beauty "Mai Amano" satisfies her customers at the famous "Iyashi-Tei" restaurant. After removing the customer's clothes, she licks her body as if sucking on it, and then licks the customer's mouth full of cock. She receives a large amount of cum in her mouth, but this is just the beginning. After we had a bare skin bath, we licked each other's crotch on the futon, and when our excitement was at its peak, I inserted myself into her. After shaking her hips and legs, she finished with Nakadashi, and the customer was very satisfied with the result.
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User Reviews

It's been a long time since we've seen this handsome actor, hasn't it? He has good technique, and a good actor makes a good erotic video. Maichan was also a bit excited. The bath scene was lacking, but the sex after that was great!

Mai, the face of Calibi this year who appeared on New Year's Day, is a very popular healing series performer, thank you very much! She also does anal work, so my worries about her not getting fucked were unfounded! She has a beautiful body under the standard transparent lintel, but that damned red string panty is a shame, but it doesn't matter to her. She has a very nice pussy, but it's not always visible, and when I noticed it, instead of showing it off, I even showed a glimpse of it in the bathtub, where it was sticking out like a fine piece of meat. If possible, we would have liked her to open it up before we put it in.... When she unravels her erotic string pants on the futon, her beautiful pie-pan pussy finally appears, and her beautiful pussy with no pigmentation is all pink, including the inside. She is very satisfied with her beautiful pussy, and she is very happy with her hard work. If I could insert into her, I'm sure I'd be very satisfied, but I'm sorry I couldn't do it just by looking at the video! Not only beautiful pussy but also nice body and tits, I want to be healed all the time! Please don't ever go to the anal department!

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