Luxury Adult Healing Spa: lick lick lick

The customer is thrilled and nervous when she is greeted by Rena Hiiragi in her skimpy yukata, which reveals almost all of her body! She undresses the customer with a gentle smile that envelops him, and while hugging him, she begins to lick him from the ear with her long tongue. He checks how excited he is, almost giving him goosebumps, and then continues to lick his cock all over the place, which is now erect. She pulls down her string pants and buries her face in his crotch, and the frantic cunnilingus she gives him makes Rena feel it too, and she finishes by riding him all over the place. After sweating a bit, the two of them make out in the bathtub, and then get into an intense and passionate relationship on the bed. They change positions and go for each other, and Rena is very satisfied with the cum that comes out of her.
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Rena, she looked so cute with her happy expression as she was cumming thickly twice inside her cute vine man.

Maybe it's because she's blonde, or maybe it's because she's Western. I guess that means you don't have to choose the place for a young and old gal to serve you during Golden Week.

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