Luxury Adult Healing Spa: Cum inside me!

Asaka Sera sincerely wooed the customer who flinched in front of her dazzling white body that was visible under the scantily clad lintel. She takes off his pants and licks his bloodshot cock, which is still in his mouth, but this is just foreplay. The customer's hands are squeezing and licking her big tits, and eventually they reach her pussy, and even though it is her job to catch a man's selflessly aroused desire, it feels so good that Asakara forgets her job and starts moaning! She feels so good that she can't even keep her eyes open as she repeatedly pistons inside her soaking wet pussy!
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User Reviews

Asaka Sera is beautiful, fair-skinned, and has a naughty body with big boobs and buttocks, but has the healing pavilion changed its flavor? Usually, a room like a luxury ryokan and a hinoki bath were the norm, but this time it was a regular Japanese-style room with no bath. I hope they don't change the style of the series. However, I am very satisfied with the content, so I give it a perfect score.

I love the asymmetrical pussy flaps! And the pussy hair and asshole too!

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