Luxury Adult Healing Spa : Chihiro Hinata

Chihiro Hinata appears at Iyashi-Tei! Her big tits show through her yukata, and she's so dirty! The two of them take a bath together and get to enjoy Chihiro's body! She's got a cute little moan as she gets her pussy pimply pussy fucked by hand, and then she climbs to the top of the bed! As if to say "thank you", she gets a blowjob and a titjob, and ejaculates in her mouth! After that, they have a 69, nipple attack, and a thick kiss, and then they treat each other to a big titty fuck with a nice tight pie pan and a nice tight joint! She was a superb meal with soft-breasted tofu and live abalone!
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User Reviews

Chihiro Hinata, a cute young mature woman with a naughty body with big boobs and ass, and a nice pussy with a pie pan. The sex after licking each other's bodies in a lovey-dovey interplay that is typical of Healing Pavilion was very moist and very good, just like the kind of sex we get at Healing Pavilion. I love this series because there are few disappointments.

Chihiro Hinata has big soft tits that are worth rubbing though I'm worried about her flabby belly, and big nipples and lilacs that are obscene and perfect for enjoying in the mouth. As usual, we had a lot of caressing from the usual quick shanking to dripping man juice in the mixed bath, but no real sex… I was thinking "Go for it Tatsu-kun! But he said, "Not here, let's go to your room" and I gave up easily this time too! I wonder when they will fulfill my wish to see the real thing even in the hinoki bath! I'll be waiting!

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