Lolicon Soapland 12

The criminally cute Emi Aoi is here as a bubbly princess in a sailor suit that still fits her to a tee! She starts off by smiling and licking his cock. She even licks his balls and shoots them into his mouth! Next, she carefully washes her body in the bathtub, and then she gives a blowjob and titjob in the bathtub. She ejaculates in my mouth for the second time. She puts on her uniform again and moves to the sofa. Emi enjoys her body, and then she inserts her raw cock into her beautiful pie-pansy pussy! After cumming inside, there's more to come... Nakadashi sex!
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User Reviews

It's great to see the loli Emi here!

Sailor clothes, twin-tail hair, and a pie pan.... Emi was the best this time, full of Lolita elements.

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