Like The Butterflies: Two Wheels Soapland In Pink Street 20

The duo of Maki Koizumi and Kurumi Koyi, with their H-cup and I-cup bombshell breasts, are like butterflies who serve you in abundance. The lineup of such a large pair of tits alone is powerful, but the content of the play is also very rich. Using their ample bodies, they take turns serving each other in the bathtub and on the mat, then both take turns inserting their cocks into each other's pussy, and finally, both Maki and Kurumi get fucked in the pussy in rapid succession!
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User Reviews

Maki and Kurumi are my favorite two-wheelers, and if they come at me with those powerful big tits, big tits lovers can't stand it! I'm a poor breasted person, so I was not excited…. Kurumi's tits are a little saggy, but her body is also thick and Holstein-esque! If she comes on to me with those, I would totally pull out! She sucks Tatsu's dick into her mouth and beautiful pussy with such power, and even though she is trying hard to insert herself into all the beautiful pussies lined up in front of her, she can't even get it inside of her. After all that fast pistoning and swinging, Maki finally cum inside of him, and Kurumi carefully cleaned up his cum inside of her and that was it? But then, as a reward for her hard work, she was safely cummed in the last minute, and she was very satisfied! Two beautiful pussies in a bikini is nice, but a different combination of a MILF and a Lolita is also good to keep you from getting stuck in a rut!

If Maki Koizumi and Kurumi Koyi's voluptuous boobs were displayed in front of you, you would probably lose all reason and bury your face in their pussies without caring about your body shape! If that happens, I'll have no choice but to taste their pussy and cum inside their pussy as long as I have the strength!

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