Like The Butterflies: Two Wheels Soapland In Pink Street 18

We booked a double nomination, Luna Hyuga, who is tall with long beautiful legs and a small face, and Saori Miyazawa, who has beautiful white skin and soft-looking tits, on two wheels! What a great time to spend just because it's the end of the year! They greeted us very cutely with their cute outfits as if they were presents themselves. The two of them immediately attacked my balls and pole with a blowjob. After their full length mat play, Luna and Saori's pussies are fucked one after the other in a big orgy. Ohhhh, which pussy shall I cum in? It's the ultimate choice of the year!
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User Reviews

I am happy to see the black-and-white duo of Luna Hinata and Saori Miyazawa back on the scene, and I envy Tatsu-kun for being able to realize his dream of riding a two-wheeler with such two wonderful girls. However, I would have liked to see them cum inside each other if possible.

Motorcycles are the best! The threesome of Nana, Saori, and Tatsu is highly anticipated! They have contrasting skin but slender bodies, small bras, and sensual erotic panties, but they don't take off their panties and instead of sucking, sucking, and playing with one dick, they get naked and beautiful! They are naked in the bathtub, and Luna's pie pussy is played with, and she is finger fucked while inserting herself. The other one was too busy with the penetration, and she became an empty-handed bystander. She was happy to see Mr. Yataru-san, but Saori-san had a subtle smile on her face when he only inserted himself without cumming.... She's so happy to see him, but she's not happy to see Saori's smile... She's so happy to see Yatkanna, but she's not happy to see Saori's smile. Tatsu-kun would have made it easy for both of them...

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