Let me kiss you, lick you, suck you and rim you!

Miyu Morita, a beautiful young proprietress, entangles herself with a customer of her choice and gives him a passionate welcome. She leans in for a kiss, but her feelings are so strong that she ends up kissing him hard. The beautiful and sexy woman in a kimono is so excited that the man, who cannot hide his excitement, is turned on all at once. The young proprietress licks the customer's body as if she is being devoured, and begins to give a hard blowjob. Her beautiful skin under the kimono is slightly reddish, and it's just too much! The young proprietress is so happy to be finished by Nakadashi that she is shaking her hips and feeling all over the place with her customer.
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User Reviews

I would like to spend a night with Miyu Morita.

The flow of the play was the same as "Otona no Iyashitei" with the only difference being that Miyu Morita was dressed in a kimono or a transparent yukata! I would have liked to see Miyu with her hair up in a shiny bun and her beautiful pie-pants but obscene labia, caressing her and fucking her inside out!

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