Kimono Anthology 2

When you think of New Year's, you think of beautiful women in kimonos! A total of five beauties will get their pussies wet and show us plenty of Yamato Nadeshiko charm as they get their kimonos off! Of course, they have no bra and panties under their kimonos, so it's a good time to have sex with them! Her delicious breasts are caressed while spilling, and her pussy is played with by hand, and the overflowing love juices never stop flowing! With half of their kimonos off, they are thrusted in the back and normal position, and every girl screams and feels it all! Only beautiful women in kimonos win at New Year's!
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User Reviews

The New Year's project, Kimono Beauties…… total of 5 beauties were made to take off their kimonos, and the fuck scene with the young women's pussies soaking wet and the tasteful fuck scene with the beautiful mature women covered in pubic hair was super good.

I was reminded of the glamour of Kaori Maeda and Reira Aisaki. They have an air of elegance that girls who only wear formal kimono for their coming-of-age ceremony cannot produce.

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