In Front of Her Husband: Middle-aged husband who orders his subordinates to sex with a young wife

Chisato Takayama, a cute and erotic young wife with a duck mouth, gets cuckolded by her husband's subordinate! Tired of satisfying his young wife's sexual desires, her husband asks his own subordinate to have sex with her. He even gives specific instructions on how to cuckold his young wife in order to relieve her sexual desire. She is made to cum by another man near her husband, and her beautiful pussy with a small and beautiful pie-pan with a small fly is sloppy and sensitive! Look at this young wife moaning with a cute voice!
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User Reviews

If she is a woman like Chisato-san, it is no wonder that even married women want to have sex with her. I think it's because I'm a married woman and I want to have sex with her.

The story is about a young wife, but it has been a long time since this series has been told. The two are having fun regardless of that, Tatsu-kun and Chisato are having a great time with each other, and they are getting pounded with high speed pistons. What if she gets pregnant? It's just someone else's problem. Chisachi-san is still a married woman? I don't know what to call her. I don't care what the setting is, I want to fuck her too!

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