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One day, he comes home to find his wife, Yui, having an intense and intimate sexual encounter with Manami, a housewife friend from the apartment complex! I was so stunned that I dropped my shopping bag, too. We were lesbians. This isn't cheating, is it? She said flatly, "This isn't cheating, is it? Is that better than a cuckold? No, no, no... She kissed me nettlesomely with my wife's approval and said, "Now we're accomplices. Let's have fun together with the three of us," she invites me with a lewd smile and voice. While confused, he is undressed by the women while his mouth is sealed by his wife's kiss. Can I have a little taste?" and after getting proper permission from the wife, the woman tastes another man's husband's cock. The wife puts her hand on his cock and inserts it raw into another man's pussy, an unusual joint work of husband and wife. and my cock is also excited by my wife who is also excited. The kissing between the two women does not stop even during the face fucking and fucking. My wife is clenching her pussy while I'm pistoning. Finally, I finish cumming inside her pussy!
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User Reviews

The flow of lesbian acts between two women leading up to a threesome with a man is becoming a standard feature on videos, and Manami Ueno's plundering character is a perfect match for it. Yui Kawagoe's role as a cat in a lesbian movie is perfect for her image.

Manami Yui, a beautiful actress, is a lesbian, especially Manami, whom I have often seen and liked in other lesbian movies. Manami is a frustrated and naughty Manami, and Yui is just as eager to be played with as much as she can without saying a word. The husband is in a nice scene of lesbianism, including tit-teasing and licking, finger-fucking and cunnilingus of their beautifully coiffed pussies (it's too bad it's hard to see from a bad angle), etc. The usual actor appears, but why the mosaic of faces? The two men are excited to have a threesome with each other, and they insert two cunts in a row, but only the wife is allowed to cum inside. Next time? If only we could have a foursome with Manami's husband and continuous Nakadashi.... Manami has a nice body and beautiful nipples, too bad her nipples are too big, plus she's got a big belly these days....keep up the good work!

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