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Yui Fujisaki's body has become so sensitive to the touch of his fingers that she is now in a constant state of physical need from her favorite boyfriend! She is so sensitive to his touch that she is willing to ignore her meals to accept his demands for sex. Yui's pussy, which she shaved clean for him, is so sensitive that it twitches and comes repeatedly during sex! Yui's full-body sensations stimulate him even more, and they are the perfect couple who can continue to feel ecstasy over and over every day!
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User Reviews

Yui Fujisaki has a slender body with moderately sized boobs, and a nice pussy that seems to get wet easily. If I could live with such a cute girl as a girlfriend and have lovey-dovey sex with her every day, I would be very happy. I envied the actor who was having sex with her.

This is finally the second movie since Yui's debut, and she has a nice body with a pure heart, and is very sensitive. I know some people say that other sites are not as good as this one, but as a Calibi-only girl, I appreciate the distribution! She starts off with a blowjob and a bubble girl imitation, and then gets her pussy pounded hard from behind in the bathtub, making her moan like a weir! She is a very disciplined girl who can clean up after a nice cumshot, but she has a little bit of hair left on her head and is a little bit shy of changing from a backdoor delivery to a firm pussy. She'll be back next time for more fun and more pics!

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