Housewife Anthology

Beautiful wives Mirai Fujii, Misaki Tachibana, Akari Niiyama, Nozomi Hatsuki, and Ai Uehara are all having sex with each other without their husbands' knowledge! It is said that the rate of cheating in Japan has been increasing year by year in recent years, but be careful if you think "Only my wife..." Husbands should be careful! It may be that they are having a lot of sex in secret to relieve their pent-up desires that they do not reveal to their husbands. Once they get wet, their pussies are filled to the brim with the cocks of men other than their husbands, so watch this "Married Woman Anthology" and get your heart pounding!
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User Reviews

I've missed a few actresses in this movie, but Nozomi Hazuki was adorable! Her naughty body, vigorous squirting and convulsive fucking were the hallmarks of Nozomi, and we owe her a lot!

Married women fuck! I don't get excited about "fucking a married woman" these days, but I think the actress in this episode might be good. I wonder if she is a real married woman now? If not, I hope she comes back! Misuzu has not had any nude movies since then, and she's still the same this summer.... Akari, who is the only one who has a nice pimply pussy even though all of them have badly treated hair, had her beautiful pussy hole pried open to reveal the contents, and was forced to open it again in an M-shape, and the actor's protruding belly got in the way when he tried to insert his cock... Too bad! Rape and humiliation in front of Nozomi's husband. The face of the fucked looks sad, too! She looks so satisfied at the end of the day because she was able to fuck her brother-in-law with a frustrated and grumpy face. The nostalgia comes first, but it all depends on the actress.

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