Having a sex is the best way to exorcise?

Mio Kuroki, who complains that her body has been unusually heavy recently, asked a medium to remove a spirit, but during the removal of the spirit... Mio was willing to do what the medium said if it would help her to recover from her physical problems. However, she was unexpectedly rubbed on her breasts from behind, had her crotch opened, and was made to cum with a finger and a vibrator. It is impossible for a woman not to react to such acts. Mio, forgetting all about her physical ailments, licked the medium's penis and then she was penetrated and moaned loudly. At the end, she was even cummed inside. It is hard to believe that this is a spiritual exorcism, but it felt so good that she wanted to be exorcised again.
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User Reviews

I was most looking forward to seeing Mio Kuroki in this year's Summer Campaign. The content did not disappoint.

Sex called "exorcism" that could happen in real life… Mio Kuroki is gradually loosened up, and the last one is a real Nakadashi performance! When she first appeared in Karibi at the end of 2016 and had long hair until the first half of 2017, she looked cute, but now she's just a housewife! Her body is still the same as it was back then, and it's still very erotic!

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