Got to be trained in two holes all night long till dawn

Yua Uehara, a neat and beautiful white girl, was forced by two men to have physical relations with them due to a mistake at work. However, as Yua's sexual encounters with the two men continue, she begins to enjoy their actions more and more.... The stockings are ripped off, and the hard training acts continue, such as deep-throating and forced dildo masturbation, and to top it all off, they simultaneously penetrate her anus and pussy, finishing with a continuous cumshot inside her pussy and out of her anus!
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User Reviews

I'd like to keep them on the top floor of a tower block with all the Japanese boys, instead of in jail.

It's been a long time since we've had an AF film, and to have an actress who is new to Calibi suddenly perform it for us. We are very grateful.

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