Fascinated By Cleaning Lady's Booty So I Can't Keep Calm!

I was tired of cleaning, so I asked for a housekeeping service. Usually an elderly lady comes, but what would you do if one day Kurumi Koyi, who has a buxom body and a voluptuous butt that looks good in her tight-fitting pants, comes? I couldn't help but notice her tighty-whitey ass while she was on all fours sweeping the floor! She unknowingly pulls down her pants from behind without permission, forcing him to slide his big cock into her from behind! Rumi, who had been refusing to stop, was so happy that she even cleaned up the bottom, saying that she was at fault. From there, Kurumi turns into a female and climaxes over and over again on the bent cock! Pantyhose asses really do suck you in!
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User Reviews

Kurumi's thick, plump body looks comfortable to hold, but her natural Holstein-sized tits are a turn-off. It's too bad, because she has a beautiful smooth, plump, shaved pussy that she recently shaved! As I said when I saw her with someone else, she's wearing tight jeans, but am I the only one who doesn't get excited? I can't wait to see her ass and pussy when she undresses, and I'd be even more excited if she was completely naked and doing housework. I was not excited to see her naked and doing housework, but I was even more excited to see her naked and doing housework. Not giving her a cleaning blowjob after Nakadashi is a violation of her housekeeping duties! Kurumi is not known for her big tits, but for her beautiful pussy! The content doesn't really matter because we got to see her beautiful pie pans.

I like the gap between her slutty body and loli man. If she had a thong, it would have been better.

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