Enjoy the thrilling situation at forbidden places

She opens the front door with a bang and says, "What? Here" with surprise, Mai kisses him while enjoying the exciting situation where someone is about to come, and endures the pleasure of his handjob while killing her voice. She gets completely naked, presses the elevator button, and then performs fellatio while pounding her heart again. Moving to the bed, the two engage in slow and leisurely caresses and sex. Mai is exhausted after getting a lot of cum inside her.
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User Reviews

Mai Shirakawa is a pretty young lady with a slender body and 88cm D-cup breasts. I would have preferred if she had a nice pair of tits, but… The caress with her underwear on and the naked blowjob in the elevator hall are very exciting for couples who have a wall of exposure… I am ashamed to say that when I was young, I stayed with my girlfriend not in a love hotel but in a luxury hotel, and I was completely naked and had a trench coat on. I am ashamed to say that I remember when I was a young man, I used to stay with my girlfriends in a rather expensive hotel, not a love hotel, and we had sex in the hallway with naked girls in trench coats (no real sex) and felt the thrill of excitement!

Mai Shirakawa took on a daring challenge this time. She must have been thrilled to be naked in front of an elevator and to be sucking a cock even though she knew there would be guards on duty. It seems that her pussy has become more sensitive from the thrill and excitement, and she seems to be able to come easily.

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