Debut Vol.80: I wanna be an attractive pornstar

Satomi Ishikawa, who is full of energy due to her youthfulness, has a yearning to be a great porn star, and she seems to have a voracious appetite for H! With a smile that fits her bob, she approaches the AV actor she finds before the shoot and is so curious about porn that she even pulls out a blowjob herself! She is so curious about porn that she approaches a porn actor who finds her before the shoot and pulls out a blowjob herself! She's a nice, honest, and sexy girl! With her body all lit up and ready to go, Satomi accepts the cock with her beautiful tits shaking and her pussy so wet! She moaned and moaned and moaned and moaned and moaned and moaned and moaned, and of course she ended up getting cum all over herself, and we got to taste the cum all over ourselves! This is a gem of a find! You will be completely captivated by her just by watching this film!
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User Reviews

The cowgirl position from around 49:30 was powerful and good. The model's reaction is also good.

Satomi's promo video did not show any nakedness like idols in the previous advertisement, and her clothes were not sexy at all, and she still talked for a long time. She had a lot of experience before her debut. I was so surprised! She was a little hesitant to take off her clothes, but she did so without hesitation, and her tight body, soft and naturally beautiful breasts, and the beautiful pussy she sucked so hard on were either halfway thinned out or natural? Or is it natural? It's a shame it doesn't look better! Is it easy to feel her hips swinging and immediate reaction every time Tatsu-kun inserts himself into her? Does she know what she's doing? She is young and pretty, but if she were more to my liking, I could push her more…. She's a tough looking actress who could use some polish.

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