Debut Vol.72: Oh no! My sexual sensitivity keeps increasing!!

The innocent Ai Minami, who has only had a few boyfriends in her life, experiences the most pleasurable H she has ever had. She is so thrilled to be seen masturbating herself that her pussy is so tight that she can't stop giggling. She was so excited to see herself masturbating that her pussy was so sore and sore. She was worried about whether she would feel good or not, but she was surprised at how sensitive her whole body became when she was touched a little. Ai's own licked cock grows bigger, and when it is inserted as it is, she feels it so much that she screams and feels it all over again. She seems to be seriously addicted to sex.
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User Reviews

It's really nice to meet you newcomers. She is very fresh. Her moaning and pubic hair are natural and wonderful.

Ai Minami is cute and has a nice slim body with moderately sized boobs and a nice firm ass. The sex in the standard orthodox flow is nice to watch, and I was excited to see her having sex while screaming a lot, which doesn't match her face.

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