Debut Vol.71: An innocent beauty accepts cums inside

I was determined to change my life, and yet there she was, looking stiff and nervous for her debut as an adult film actress, Yui Fujisaki, a neat and innocent girl who still looked like a novice. She is 160 cm tall, with a white, slender body, beautiful breasts with small nipples, a beautifully groomed pussy with a pie pan, and quite a superb body. She has a great blowjob technique that makes her ejaculate in the mouth with a vacuum blowjob in no time. When her clitoris, which she says is a sexual zone, is attacked, she closes her eyes and feels her pussy still and wet to the bed. She then performed a nipple attack and blowjob, even licking her balls, and then she performed Nakadashi sex in a position that showed off her pussy and cock joints perfectly! A very satisfying debut!
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User Reviews

The girl has a somewhat innocent look and an amateurish feel. She is nice and simple. However, she must be very professional, because she has a very smooth pussy.

She still looks like a pure beauty, but she is cute on the ground, so we can expect to see more of her when she gets more sophisticated. I can't wait to see what happens when she makes more appearances in the future. This is the real CRB48!

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