Debut Vol.69: Big boobs girl in bikini

Newcomer "Mao Umino," a beautiful I-cup girl with big, plump breasts, came to receive a massage for the first time. As the gentle teacher relaxed her body, her tension gradually dissolved and she began to relax.... As soon as she was on her back, the teacher's hands casually crept up to her breasts and other sensitive areas. The teacher's hands continued to press down on Mao-chan's breasts and other sensitive areas, while reassuring her of the sudden upset she was feeling. By the time the teacher's hand is playing with her crotch, Mao feels so weak that she is unable to resist. Mao finds herself reaching for the teacher's cock and accepting him with her lotion-covered body. In another way, she is captivated by the massage.
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User Reviews

Her skin is young, beautiful, and firm. Her skin is so soft and firm that it seems as if her whole body is sucking on it.

Manko-san is so beautiful!

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