Complaint Office Lady Apologize with the Body Vol.9

Ema Kato, an office worker, gets down on her knees and apologizes to a client company for negligence in the course of her work. She begs for forgiveness with her body. Taking advantage of their complete dominance, the men begin to touch "Ema's" body. They spank her ass, strip off her stockings and underwear, and force her to give them blow jobs. The men get even more aggressive with Ema, who accepts everything they force upon her, and continue to play with her as they please, even after penetrating her from behind and ejaculating inside her. Ema is made to be a tool for the men's sexual pleasure, and is attacked in two holes and repeatedly fucked raw, but she feels so good that she can't help but get really horny!
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User Reviews

Emma has gone from snug and tight to plump, solid, and hot as the years have gone by! The apology series was a rarity, with threesomes and anal, but what a nice surprise to see the always bristly haired Ema showing off her nice, shaved pussy this time! I have a feeling she's probably going to offer her pussy to her clients as an apology, and some might be skeptical that she shaved her pussy clean to avoid any more rudeness…. I have a feeling that she will give her customer a pussy with an apology, or maybe she shaved her beautiful pussy so that she wouldn't be rude any more…. She is on her knees and she is on her back, and she is cumming early, but she looks a little bitter when she is inserted… After that, she is stripped naked and covers her beautiful tits with her hands, but her pie pan and pussy are still exposed. She was also wearing underwear on the bed, and it took too much time and effort to take it off. I hate anal penetration, but it was nice to have two holes at the same time. She had a beautiful pie pan, and the last part was anal penetration. I wanted her to smile a little. I think the end of the beautiful pussy cumshot is good from a visual point of view!

She was on her knees and bare her lower body to handle the complaints, and then she showed a series of blowjob and Nakadashi to get the threesome started. We had a lot of fun watching her pussy and anal cum inside.

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