Complaint Office Lady Apologize with the Body Vol.8 Cowgirl Dogeza! I'm sorry I'm the only one cum!

An office worker in her second year of work apologizes on her knees for a mistake and says she'll do anything for her customers! She is pressured to switch to another company, and her erotic demands gradually escalate as she is asked to turn up her skirt and take off her pants! When asked what she can offer as sincerity, the female office worker offers her pussy, "Customer's pussy" is scribbled on her ass, and she comes all over her sensitive, pie-padded pussy! She demands an apology, "You're the only one getting off! She apologizes on her knees on the cock, which is a must-see!
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This time the prey is the lovely Chiaki! Could Kramer be a problem child? He's a small man with a small dick who says small things! He takes advantage of the complaint to slowly and gently push a young employee to the point of cumming inside her, taking advantage of her weakness and doing whatever he wants! She's not a veteran who's going to hang on to her company after being fucked that hard, but she's got a nice, tight little body, with a few scars from grinding her tits, and she's a beautiful, pie-padded, slutty girl, so I'm sure there's plenty of work for her even if she quits her current company... It's a pity that she is preyed upon by such a short dick! When ordered to do so, she was shy and reluctant to roll up her skirt, take off her pantyhose and pants, and play with her pussy, and she was getting more and more into it! She was so fucked up that she woke up from her slumber! It may be an exaggeration to say that she is responsible for half of the Nakadashi.... It's too bad she didn't get naked for the first time until the end! Looking forward to the next time she will be naked and beautiful.

I'm tempted to give it a try and make a claim (absolutely not!).

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