Complaint Office Lady Apologize with the Body Vol.7

Sakura Kojima, an office worker, is busy dealing with product complaints. She goes to the customer's home and apologizes on her knees. She is taken in by the words, "If you do whatever I say, you will be forgiven. She does as she is told, taking off her clothes, underwear, and even scribbling on her buttocks, but she endures the humiliation for the sake of the company. She sucks the cock of the insolent male customer, who is very aggressive, and she is forced to do it many times from the back. Each time, she is made to cum, her body jerking and convulsing.... Watch this new female office worker's pleasure as she is made a slave to the sexual desires of a male customer who is getting off on it.
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User Reviews

Sakura, who looks like an office worker, in black pantyhose, is very attractive, but she shouldn't have graffiti on her buttocks.

It's full of sights. The white-haired pubic hair guy who got angry because his scissors wouldn't cut. He draws graffiti on Sakura's ass, licks her crotch and finger fucks her anus. He puts on her jacket again while he fucks her from the back with his short dick. I was almost in tears when I saw Sakura's desperate attitude as she moaned and excited me, even though she had no reason to feel it. I managed to get her to cum inside and the apology was over?

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