Caribbebians: Addicted to the french kiss lesbian play

Cute little Miyu Morita and fluffy white H-cup Honoka Orihara show off their lesbian play in "Karimi Anzu"! The two know how to use their tongues to their advantage, and their tongue kissing is nothing short of erotic! They caress each other's flabby tits and confirm their love with their thick kissing and lesbian play!
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User Reviews

Miyu Honoka and two of my favorite actresses appeared in Karimibi Anzu! The show was supposed to be highly anticipated and exciting, but the short length and your review made it a disappointing show before we even saw it! The tongue licking and nipple licking goes on and on, and with Miyu's pie-panties and Honoka's bare breasts, you'd be forgiven for thinking this was a never-before-released feature. The title of this series is "Kari Mibi Anzu". There must be some kind of mistake.... It's a pity, because the beautiful images of them embracing each other are very picturesque. Please re-distribute the work with the addition of the beautiful man opening cunnilingus, etc.!

Honoka Orihara and Miyu Morita are the beautiful ladies you see on the street. They appeared completely naked. They only had a kissing scene and boob licking...not what I expected. Thank you for your hard work.

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