Caribbebians: Addicted to elaborate lesbian play

Megumi Shino and Yuu Toyoda, the most powerful duo in the world, are here to give us some spectacular lesbian play! Dressed in nurse and sailor swimsuits, they start off with an intense kiss that sends their emotions into overdrive. They play with each other's pussies in a circle and give each other vibrators, and also perform an erotic pseudo blowjob. They lick each other's dildos and insert them into each other's pussies. Don't miss it!
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User Reviews

The combination of beautiful Heki Shino-san and kawaii Yuu Toyota-chan was the best.

Since Yuu Shino's combination two-wheeler soap, lesbian play at Kari Mibi Anzu! This is both promising and a little disappointing! Why is it that they play with their clothes on for so long when they would have been happy to be in nurse's sailor suits? Shino-san's leading lesbian play with her beautiful parts showing off looks so erotic, but no matter how hard she tries, she's just so frustrated! The last 10 minutes was too late to see her naked, and there was not much of her beautiful pussy to be seen, and although there was the standard lesbian double-head dildo and shellfish exchange, there were many complaints about the balance of the books. I was reluctantly convinced that it was very satisfying to see retired Ms. Shino and also see Ms. Yu, but it was a shame that the work lost its name because it did not make use of the material that was available. What a waste!

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