BOGA x BOGA: Yui Kisaragi Praises Me

H-loving Yui Kisaragi affirms everything you say and do! She is so cute and cuddly that you can't help but feel a little excited when she gets into you with her sweater on. Her beautiful body is dazzlingly exposed as she is poked and prodded and her clothes are gradually removed. I want her to take that hard, growing cock deep inside herself and thrust it hard and repeatedly! Yui's voice and facial expression as she greedily seeks the best sex she can have will never stop praising you!
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User Reviews

Yui used to be skinny and a little lacking in sex appeal, but this time her skin is a little rounder and finer, and her beautiful man bun hair is thinner than before, like natural thinning hair? The pink man buns look better and more beautiful, and I want to insert them too! The naked girl is still too late, and the short dick guy is still the same as before. She has a chubby body, beautiful pink tits, pink nipples and pink pussy. Her current body looks so comfortable and I definitely like it better than before! I wish she would keep her body in the same shape as before, but the reality is that it's not going to happen.... Good girl Yui☆Up!

I think Yui Kisaragi has become more attractive and fleshier than when she debuted, but I'm not satisfied with the fact that she doesn't take off her clothes... There is a theory that she is pregnant, but how true is it?

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