BOGA x BOGA: Miyu Morita Praises Me

Miyu Morita is in the mood for sex and she's asking for it! Unable to resist, she pulls down his pants and covers herself with his cock. The look on his face as he happily accepts the cum shot into his mouth is irresistible. After that, she begs him to touch her body, spreading her beautiful pie pan as wide as she can. Just the touch of a finger makes her come, and of course her pussy is soaked to the skin. After feeling so good, I felt so good that I came again when he ejaculated inside me at the end of the session.
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User Reviews

Miyu Morita Chan, a mature, cute, and beautiful older sister, has a nice and refreshing sex.

In "BOGA x BOGA," the oral caresses were a little too much for my liking, but Miyu Morita's small nipples are lapped up and she gets her beautiful pussy licked and soaked with love juices as she rides on her face! She also gets her pussy soaked with her love juices!

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