Bikini Anthology3

Summer! It's the ocean! Swimming pools! Swimsuit festival! It's a swimsuit festival! This swimsuit anthology features 5 gorgeous girls, including 21 year old Miu Kimura's debut work! Seven sexy bikini-clad carnal girls, Ayaka, Ruka Ichinose, Nami Aino, Kaede Niiyama, Minami Asano, Sophia Takigawa, and Airi Minami, compete for the biggest cocks on a sunny beach! Top porn idol Nao. has underwater sex in a swimming pool! Saki Ayakawa gets 5 rotors in her bikini clad pussy! She's got a lot going on in her bikini, and her tight body is sure to get your cock pumping! Enjoy the open and spacious swimsuit sex with her!
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User Reviews

I guess they used to have a lot of money to spend on outdoor and indoor poolside sex, beach orgies, etc. at resorts! It was a bit long (2.5 hours) with a lot of old actresses, but I guess it was good for "THE SUMMER"!

The four of them are good in a one-on-one relationship, but the seven young girls who appeared in Melody of the Tidal Wave before it was sold have sex here and there as much as they want, and the camera is busy. It's a shame that the camera is too busy to focus on them! I think I commented on this in the original film, but…. I think I commented on this in the original film, but…….. What a surprise. It was a little disappointing to see Saki's beautiful face continuously face ejaculated on at the end of the film! I wonder what these girls are doing now with their beautiful young bodies, even though some of them are still active, every time I see an anthology!

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