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Please put your cock in me," says Miyuki Sakura as she gets on her knees and politely begs you to give her what she wants! (W from the very top) Kneeling on her knees in her underwear, her ass sticking out and begging, Miyuki today is begging to be fucked! She looks really good when we give her a vibrator in her pussy! She's so excited to finally get her hands on her favorite cock, and when it's inserted into her soaking wet pussy, she shakes her hips with all her might and really gets into it! Miyuki is so desperate that she cries and begs for cock sex!
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User Reviews

Miyuki has always been a favorite of ours because of her beautiful body and her always smooth pie pan, but this time she is in a sexy transparent white underwear with her tits showing through, but she doesn't take her clothes off until the very end and leaves us completely naked! She is a very pretty girl with a beautiful body and a smooth white underwear, which is always my favorite. She's been playing a lot of sluts lately, and I don't think she's that much of a slut, but I'm willing to give it my best shot if she wants to get fucked! She stimulates her beautiful pussy with vibrators, finger fucks, and cunnilingus, and then she gives herself a hand job while sucking and rubbing her own pussy to heighten her sexual pleasure. Too bad the actor was wearing a mask again! I wonder if the mosaic around the eyes and the masked face is for privacy protection (lol) these days…. Whatever, is the guy a sashimi tsuuma? If only there were a beautiful actress and a large, even reasonably sized, penis, would that be enough to make a film?

Miyuki, you are a nice lady, you have a nice body, you have a nice flat forehead, your breasts are not so big, they are just the right size, your pussy is nice and stringy, your labia is a little tinted, your pussy is a nice pink inside, you do not take your underwear off until the last minute, you are a nice girl.

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