Beg for SEX: the horniest day of her life

A woman's body regularly craves a man, and today seems to be the day for Reika Kudo. Masturbating does not satisfy her, and Reika, who has become a lascivious woman, begs for sex with her hands on her hips. With pheromones all over her body, Reika desperately tries to drive a man's desire by twirling her tongue in a full-bodied blowjob. As she watches his cock getting bigger and bigger, her patience is exhausted and she takes off her own underwear to reveal her wet pussy and invites him to cunnilingus. When a cock is inserted into Reika's pussy, which is licked all over and filled with even more love juice, she meditates and feels the man all over her with an unspeakable sense of excitement and fulfillment. At the end, a huge amount of cum is ejaculated inside her, and at this rate, Reika's sexual desire seems to be never-ending.
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User Reviews

M Lascivious Reika Kudo" was released on Ippondo last February, and now that the major providers have gone to rental membership only, those of you who want to download it will be glad to know that this is available! Reika has a beautiful face and is one of my favorite actresses, but her pussy hair is like a jungle and it's hard to see where she's fucking… I really wish she'd at least keep the area around her labia clean!

She is a pheromone-swirled MILF with a large clitoris in the center of her long, dark pubic hair-covered bivalve, and the protrusion of the clitoris is also filled with man juice. …… She sucks the cock with all her might, her tongue twirling around it, desperately arousing his desire, while he watches the cock grow hard and long and thick, and he is patiently waiting for her to cum. She takes off her underwear and stimulates her wet and soggy pussy, licking it all over and filling it with her man juice, and when the big cock shoots into her stiff pussy, she is intoxicated with the fullness of excitement and pleasure. The cumshot was so powerful that the sperm flowed out of the jungle valley. The hairy porn star…Maki Houjou. It was a superb work comparable to S-class porn stars like Maki Hojo and Rei Kitajima.

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