Anal Encyclopedia : Yukiho Shirase

Yukiho Shirase, who has a very attractive and fluffy body, opens up both her crotch and one of the most important parts of her body in "Anal Illustrated"! Floating on a chair, she spreads her legs wide and spreads her pubic area as wide as she can, delivery style, and begins to masturbate anally! Yukiho starts to attack her own anus with lubricant, toys, and electric toys! The expression on her face as she enjoys the pleasure with her body twitching and her eyes meditating is irresistible!
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User Reviews

Yukiho Shirase has an undeniably beautiful body, but it's a shame that we didn't get to see her boobs this time around.

Yukiho-san, nice outfit, nice underwear, beautiful pussy, beautiful anus, the labia is quite tinted, the inside of the pussy is a beautiful pink color, anal masturbation is also nice.

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