Anal Encyclopedia : Yui Shinjo

The long-faced beauty Yui Shinjo appears in the "Anal Pictorial Book"! Stick to the screen for a closer look! She opens her mouth and lets you take a long, deep look at her two pink holes. Yui is so horny that she frowns and feels her clitoris being stimulated at the same time as her anus. Both holes feel so good that Yui's occasional gasps and moans are sexy as hell!
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User Reviews

She is a beautiful witch whose beautiful pussy alone is enough to satisfy me, but to have her anus played with as well? I thought it would be easy since she had already tried a two-hole fuck when she played a widow, but when two fingers and a stick were inserted, she frowned in pain or pleasure, and her face was very erotic. Her expression was even more irresistible when she was fucked back and forth with the help of a rotor.

Yui is a nice lady, her anus is beautiful, her pussy is beautiful to look at, her pussy is beautiful without any coloration, her pussy is beautiful pink inside, I want to finger her anus too.

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