Anal Encyclopedia: Momoka Ogawa

A sexy and voluptuous beauty, Momoka Ogawa, appears in "Anal Zukan"! She is so sensitive to the anal torture that she moans and feels it all the time! Momoka's anus and pussy are slowly getting moistened by the use of rotors, vibrators, dildos and other toys, and we get a close-up of them! This is a sizzling, close-up video that anal lovers will not be able to resist!
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User Reviews

Momoka's pussy is so beautiful that I was so focused on her pussy all the time that I couldn't get into her anal attack. Even though her hair is thin, I personally find it too much of a distraction. If she had a pie pan, she'd have the best pussy ever!

The pussy is not very dark and flabby. However, the inside was pink and beautiful, and the vulva was large. I was surprised at her big tits and beautiful pussy in spite of her slightly thick body. I think it was good to stimulate her anally with fingers and toys one after another. However, I wonder why my eyes were always drawn to the big tits and pussy. I think the overall flow of the show was very good.

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