Anal Encyclopedia : Emiri Momota

Everyone loves Emiri Momota's anal pictorial with her glossy, tight skin and just the right amount of beautiful big tits! Her pussy is beautiful, but her anus is also quite a beauty! First, we get Emiri to take off her glamorous underwear and take a look at her beautiful chikum! She then puts the electric gun to her pussy and anus, which causes her to moan and jerk her anus in tandem! Enjoy the full force of her masturbation! It may not be long before she does anal development for you!
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User Reviews

It is said to be an anal pictorial book of Emiri Hyakuta, but she does not play with her anus at all, but only with her pussy. What in the world could qualify as an anal pictorial book? I can't believe that this kind of work is made for a year.

I was sad to see Emiri's anal movie, because I don't remember her anal movie, but when I watched it, I felt relieved that Emiri's anal virginity was protected, because she only showed her anus and didn't insert anything, and she was clioney with an electric clitoris the whole time.

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