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Mitsuha Kikukawa, a slender beauty who loves male cum, shows us her thick cock in her mouth, hands, and pubic region! Mitsuha is a slender beauty who loves to fuck, and she shows us her thick cock in her mouth, hands, and pubic region! Mitsuha's slim body is slightly blushing, and she sticks out her crotch for cunnilingus, feeling the cock violently rampaging in her wet pussy filled with love juices!
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User Reviews

Mitsuha still has a large pair of tits that are disproportionate to her slender body. Her tits are not as big as they used to be, but they are still noticeable, and they move in unnatural ways when she is thrust around. She has always been known to have thinning hair and a beautiful pussy, but she also has a very thin natural hair that is almost completely pie-pan, and the rest of her pie-pan manhood is a blur! She has a very thin and almost tanned pussy, but she is so beautiful that she doesn't even take off her pants until the middle of the show. She says she loves cumming and she's happy to see two glasses of sperm in her mouth as she sucks and shoots it. She also stroked around and picked up the sperm she face-fucked during the second half of the penetration, but never took it into her mouth. If she says she loves it, I would have liked her to drink the sperm or lick it and taste it. I wonder where this girl is going to go from here? I'm curious!

Mitsuha-san is a lovely woman, with disproportionate breasts, a beautiful pussy, slightly tinted labia, a beautiful pink inside, and a beautiful anus.

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