A beautiful proprietress fights on the survival of the inn

The second appearance of the popular "Mirei Imada"! Mirei Imada, a calm Japanese beauty who also looks good in a tomesode kimono, struggles to rebuild a ryokan that is on the verge of collapse! As the number of ryokans themselves continues to decline these days, the beautiful proprietress is reevaluating "what guests are looking for" and putting her body on the line to ensure the survival of the business! She is a beautiful proprietress who is risking her body and soul to survive! I will not let you regret it! She greeted us with three fingers! The guests were a bit regretful, saying, "It's a small inn and the bath is also small..." "I told you, you won't regret it. I told you, you won't regret it," she whispers in an erotic voice, and the male guest is easily persuaded, saying, "The hostess is beautiful, so I guess it's possible. She kneels down at his feet and takes his cock immediately! She licks his cock, licks his balls, and sucks his dick from the tip to the root! Of course, she wears no bra and no panties under her kimono! She is lured by the messy collar, hem, and pussy, and she gets fucked in the small Japanese-style room! After shooting her mouth off in the bathtub, she returns to the small Japanese-style room to have anal and cock licking sex in the nude! After cumming in the bathtub, the beautiful landlady invites you to "go to the bath again" with her cum-drenched pussy hanging open! The small size of the room is not a problem for her sensual hospitality! Erection and prosperity! Sleep and have a love affair! Two and a half rounds of cum squeezed out of you!
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User Reviews

Mirei Imada is very sexy and looks good in kimono. If a proprietress like Ms. Misuzu would treat me at such a brothel-like ryokan, I would like to come and stay there once a week.

Anyway, Mirei Imada is beautiful. I am too happy just to be able to worship all of these beauties.

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