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The super cute Emi Aoi in a yukata exposes her carnivorous and sex-loving side by sucking three cocks at once for a triple blowjob. She plays with her beautiful pussy with her hands and makes a lot of noise while sucking and sucking them, and then she climaxes with a bang! Finally, she fucks three cocks in turn, and the sex is too rich for her. Of course, she finishes with a continuous Nakadashi!
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User Reviews

Emi Chan is also cute in a yukata, and her three consecutive penetrations are a highlight, but I would have liked to see her play with three holes at the same time. Emi Chan, did you have a problem with anal sex?

Cute smiling Emi in a yukata is nice, but when she rolls up her kimono, she's in no underwear, and it's nice to see her beautiful legs and beautiful pie-pan pussy! White, not skin, but nice! The 3 dicks and the immediate blowjob are superfluous. The first time the guy gets involved with her, she takes too much time. I guess it's none of my business.... She said "Emi's pussy is covered with sperm juice" at the end, but I didn't think it was that messy...

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